Welcome to Our Wedding

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Hi everyone, welcome to our website!

We are so excited that our wedding is fast approaching and we can’t wait to celebrate with you all! We’ve added this page as we’ve had a few questions about further wedding details. We’ve added the extra details here, but please refer to the original invite for the location and accommodation details. We don’t want to advertise it THAT much on the internet! If you’ve got any questions, just ask us 😊

So with this in mind here are some further details and updates for you.

Dress Code

Please wear anything from casual to smart-casual.

We would love you to be comfortable in what you are wearing so please dress as you like. Just keep in mind that it’s on a farm, and it’s in the middle of summer! If you’re staying late, bring something warm just in case.


We will be providing the main meal of the evening via a food van – your meal will need to be self collected from the van.

We would love you to bring a plate to contribute for nibbles after the ceremony. Please have these plated and ready to serve. We will have limited space in a cool room for items that need to be kept cold.


As it is a private venue you are more than welcome to bring your own drinks of choice. We will be providing some kegs of Stone and Wood beer, red and white wine, gin, vodka, and non alcoholic drinks. We’re not sure how long the alcohol will last, so we’d love it if you could BYO your drinks of choice for later in the evening.

(We’re expecting the alcohol to last until around 8pm, it’ll be a bonus if it lasts longer than expected!)


Your presence is the greatest gift we could ask for and we are delighted that you are sharing our special day with us.

For those of you who would like to gift us a little something, we will have a wishing well that you can contribute to.

Campers & People Staying Nearby

The Rainforest Cafe will be open next door for breakfast the following morning and everyone is welcome to wander over at their leisure. We have been advised to expect that it will be busy. Alternatively, you are welcome to bring an esky and have breakfast by the creek on the property.

For all other information, please see the original invites.

While You’re Here

We’re starting to release videos of our travels, and would love for you to keep up to date! We’d be soooooooo grateful if you’d subscribe to our Youtube channel by clicking the red button below, and check out some of our videos! It’ll help us grow our channel and might give you some entertainment watching us goof about all over the world! 😂