Pet Sitting Around The World for Free!

Travel is expensive. We all know it. And even though there are A LOT of people online that claim they know the secret to travelling for free (or getting paid to travel), we’ve never found anyone that can back up those claims. However, there IS a way that you can travel for [...]

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2017: A Year Living, Working & Travelling Abroad

2017 was an amazing year filled with travel, new discoveries, personal and professional growth, change, and beautiful memory making moments. It was our first full calendar year living abroad! January January saw us living in London in the lovely north side suburb of Finchley. Jori was working in a bar [...]

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Daylong Stopovers – Singapore and Dubai

TV sold. Cars sold. Flights booked. Accommodation booked. Family visited. Bags packed. Ready to move overseas? Not at all. Let’s do it anyway. Our move to the U.K. was the biggest upheaval of our lives. Period. We sold all (most) of our possessions, quit our jobs, and left our family and friends. We moved [...]

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