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Northern Lights on New Years Eve

We weren’t too sure about doing a post about our New Years Eve experience. Most of it was over before we dared to take any photos. We hadn’t experienced anything like it, and we had no idea that it would be so special. We had spent the day driving around Kvaløya island, and out [...]

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Roadtripping Norway! Part 2 – Kvaløya

Having learnt our lessons from the first road trip, we set out much earlier for our trip around Kvaløya! Our planned Kvaløya and Sommarøy drive. The point of this trip was to see as much of the stunning Kvaløya island as we could, and to experience the beauty of Sommarøy. We [...]

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Roadtripping Norway! Part 1 – The Lyngen Alps

All cars in Tromsø NEED to have studded winter tires for the snow season. The car we had was an all wheel drive with these studded tires, which are designed for driving on ice. Please check all road rules to ensure you’re complying with the law before driving in Norway. Tromsø is a [...]

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