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A Day in Naples – Pompeii and Pizza!

We only had one full day in Naples, which has left us wanting to return! Even so, you can pack in a LOT if you’ve got a full day! We got the fast train from Florence down to Naples, which was a lovely way to take in a lot of the countryside scenery of [...]

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Adventures in Florence and Pisa

We left Rome in the early morning and caught the slow train through the stunning Tuscan countryside to Florence. Our Airbnb was located right in the heart of the main square, Piazza della Signoria. How lucky! When we walked out of our front door, we stepped straight into the Piazza; and the beautiful culture [...]

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Our Last Day in Rome, Ciao for Now!

Our third day was jam-packed with walking all over Rome. We visited so many places! We had become friends with the man from the Panini shop just down the street from our Aribnb. We stopped in there for a chat over a Panini and a fresh juice. Delicious! He sent us on our way [...]

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Our Second Day in Beautiful Rome

Our second day was all about seeing the sights, tasting the delights, and taking in the beauty of Rome – whilst also learning to navigate the craziness of crossing roads! Terrifying! It didn’t seem like there were any rules to crossing the road, and cars never slowed down to let you cross. It’s quite [...]

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Daylong Stopovers – Singapore and Dubai

TV sold. Cars sold. Flights booked. Accommodation booked. Family visited. Bags packed. Ready to move overseas? Not at all. Let’s do it anyway. Our move to the U.K. was the biggest upheaval of our lives. Period. We sold all (most) of our possessions, quit our jobs, and left our family and friends. We moved [...]

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